Helen has a high passion for music, entertainment, and making her customers happy. She has a special focus on making each occasion memorable, exciting and fun. She also has an expertise in bringing people together and will be the perfect addition to making your event a memorable day.

You will be pleased with Helen's superb sound system, virtual DJ system, with the endless selection of thousands of karaoke songs and music to suit every occasion. No event is too large or too small as Helen will be the perfect link to making things come together and getting the crowd on their feet, either by teaching easy to learn group dances, or by providing the perfect selection of dance music.

Helen has over 16 years of experience in the making of memorable moments, whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary or general celebration. Her approach is simple "it is all about her customers, their family and friends."

If you are looking for someone reliable, timely, professional and personable then contact Helen now. She will assist you in planning every detail of your upcoming occasion and bookmarking the perfect memory when looking back on life's journey.

On a personal note Helen loves what she does and she chose this path because she enjoys singing and making people laugh. Helen has two lovely beautiful daughters "Christina & Cassie" who she is very proud of. She is very patriotic and loves the Red, White and Blue. If Helen had an opportunity to meet any of her idols she would love to meet Martina McBride and Reba McEntire as she respects their vocal abilities and their love for music.

Contact Helen now at (909) 821-3844 to get your party started!




Helen is the 2012 KJ of the year North Los Angeles County for the second time and she was also the 2007 Inland Empire KJ of the year. Helen is known as a high energy, fun filled Master of Ceremony and DJ Professional who always puts her customers and their family and friends first.




My friend Carline proposed to Jack at karaoke on 10/10/10 by singing "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland to him. They married in Hawaii one year later on 11/11/11 and I joined them in their day of celebration. They continue to show their support year round at my shows and stages. I invite you to click through the pages of my Karaoke Friends photo gallery.

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Karaokefest has come and gone once again and was very memorable. This year I hosted the competition at the Hi Brow in Pomona and JD Allison's in Upland. It was another exciting year filled with top knotch singers taking the competition to the highest level. Lets take a look at my Karaokefest 2012 venue highlights.

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