Helen's Karaoke Specializes in Karaoke Shows at Local Businesses. She has the best KARAOKE song selection with over 95,000 songs to choose from offering all genres of music for Everyone. Helen will download songs upon request and have them available for your customers at the next scheduled show. Helen's customers rave about her high energy, large library of songs and her personal approach to keeping guests engaged in singing and dancing. Your customers will look forward to enjoying her next show.

Helen's services the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County areas and is open to travel further with a negotiated rate. Her Karaoke Service Includes:

Over 95,000 KARAOKE songs, the newest releases, show tunes, spanish and children's songs as she will be sure to satisfy all of your customers taste of music. Computerized DJ/Professional sound system, up to four cordless microphones keeping your customers singing together, engaged and wanting more. Providing a TV monitor and connecting into your TV's at your business making it easy for your customers to sing along. Digital look up for song selection and song books by Artist and Title making it easier to find your favorite songs. Helen's Karaoke will set up and break down everything. Helen does all the work and all your customers have to do is enjoy the fun filled atmosphere. Contact Helen now for pricing and further information to showcase at your business.

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Contact Helen for Information and Bookings by email or call now at (909) 821-3844



Helen is the 2012 KJ of the year North Los Angeles County for the second time and she was also the 2007 Inland Empire KJ of the year. Helen is known as a high energy, fun filled Master of Ceremony and DJ Professional who always puts her customers and their family and friends first.




My friend Carline proposed to Jack at karaoke on 10/10/10 by singing "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland to him. They married in Hawaii one year later on 11/11/11 and I joined them in their day of celebration. They continue to show their support year round at my shows and stages. I invite you to click through the pages of my Karaoke Friends photo gallery.

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Karaokefest has come and gone once again and was very memorable. This year I hosted the competition at the Hi Brow in Pomona and JD Allison's in Upland. It was another exciting year filled with top knotch singers taking the competition to the highest level. Lets take a look at my Karaokefest 2012 venue highlights.

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